Files by Google: Android’s file browser, at long last

Delia Walker
November 9, 2018

While many of Google's apps are heavy on white, some apps like YouTube do feature dark mode and as demonstrated, its use can significantly cut the amount power a display is using. Heres a comparison done with the first Google Pixel and the iPhone 7. There was another stat that shows that 2016 model Pixel smartphone at a maximum brightness consumed around 330mA of power while its just 60mA of power used when the display is set at maximum Black.

It turns out it's something as easy as switching to dark mode whenever possible.

Google demonstrated how dark mode minimizes battery drain from the screen. This can save up to 43% battery usage during video playback and 60% when paused (with the phone set to 100% brightness).

Even Google admitted that it was wrong to impose white as the predominant color for Material Design apps.

Note that changing to Dark Mode only converts the UI colour to black background. Google's device draws 250mA while at maximum brightness in normal mode, while Apple's phone was at 230mA. Now the search company has rebranded the app to be called 'Files by Google, ' as well as revamped the platform's user interface.

Android device makers, led by Samsung, are expected to start releasing foldable phones next year. Along with users, App developers will also benefit from the latest In-app updates API. The primary aim of the app is to help users to free up space on their phones, and today Google announces that it not only has a new name, but also a new look. Google aims to support the new form factors in Android. Another reason is that Android models with AMOLED panels save a lot of battery life when Dark Mode is enabled. Well, despite the announcement, there's no exact time given by Google as to when we will see the API working on Android devices.

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