This USB-C Projector pairs perfectly with the new iPad Pro

Delia Walker
November 8, 2018

"The new iPad Pro is a huge step forward for powerful, creative, mobile computing..." You can also choose a camera accent color and you can choose an Apple Pencil skin if you want your Apple Pencil 2nd gen to look like a number 2 pencil. It's lighter than MacBook and has a lesser footprint, something that makes it more portable than the "Pro" laptop. It's the kind of chip that fuels Qualcomm and Intel's worse nightmares. Helping prevent hackers from using a MacBook's microphone to listen in on users is the new T2 security chip, which disconnects the mic at a hardware level whenever the lid is closed.

For the record, the single-core performance of the A12X Bionic chipset inside the iPad Pro also tops the latest-generation of 12-inch MacBook (3,927 score), as well as the iMac Pro (5,021 score) which launched late past year.

The latter task bodes well for the arrival of a full-featured Photoshop iPad app next year.

However, the tablet's USB-C port is a mixed blessing for those looking for better storage options. It's not as speedy, but Microsoft's 2-in-1 offers a more comfortable keyboard with a touchpad and a true desktop environment.

Touch ID has also been removed from this tablet, though Face ID works so well, you won't miss it. Apple has even re-engineered facial recognition to work from landscape mode, so you don't even need to move this tablet around - or move your head around - to be recognised. As a result, the edges of the screen have become even narrower.

Apple's brilliant new iPad Pro is going on sale this Wednesday, and the first reviews just went live. "It's pretty nuts (and actually quite fun) to touch the images and interact with them in a different way than a traditional laptop".

The bigger model (12 inch display) has the same storage options but at higher prices. You can also plug in a USB cord from a DSLR camera to see photos on your iPad Pro. That's not to say it's a bad screen in any way - Apple's TrueTone technology and the 120Hz refresh rate both really do add something to the quality of the experience, while HDR content is rich in detail.

The Hyper-made HyperDrive for iPad Pro was announced today for availability in December of 2018. The first is with synchronization: when it clips on magnetically, it's supposed to pair with the iPad Pro (which ours did) and then be ready to use when removed (which ours did not always do). You will get what you're paying for.

"But Apple has begged the question: Can an 11-inch ($799) or 13-inch ($999) iPad Pro replace your need for a MacBook or Windows PC at work?"

When it comes to portability, tablets certainly have an advantage over traditional laptops. Apple also released an improved Apple Pencil that charges inductively, sticks to the iPad Pro itself, and won't roll off your desk.

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