National Football League joins Fortnite craze

Delia Walker
November 8, 2018

According to a recent release from ESPN, Epic Games and the National Football League have agreed to a deal which will bring the jerseys of all 32 teams to the game as apparel for the in-game characters, with up to eight different jerseys being allowed to be purchased.

Fortnite is having the largest fans in the United States and also, American Football is the most important or most popular sport in the US.

EPIC is planning to drop a new patch into Fortnite tomorrow, and ahead of the update landing, we've got a decent idea of what to expect. It was only logical that the world's most popular video game and the most popular professional sport in the US come together. You can also change the visibility for most HUD elements, as well as grid snapping.

A new weapon has been added to the game this week in form of a Heavy Assault Rifle.

One more addition to the game is the Heavy Assault Rifle which can be found in floor loot, chests, Vending Machines, and Supply Drops. Players will be able to purchase outfits to represent their favorite team from the Battle Royale Item Shop, and all 32 team outfits will be available.

Other Battle Royale changes include Blitz also returning as an alternative limited time mode, basically quickening the pace of a normal match.

Epic Games announced a partnership with the NFL to bring various football-themed accessories to Fortnite.

To purchase the items, players can go into the Battle Royale Item Shop and use Fortnite's in-game currency, V-Bucks. The company has partnered with NFL to bring a new set of football skins based on real-world jerseys. Killing cube monsters doesn't directly correlate to victory in this limited time mode. Finally, open a Supply Drop for double ammo and extra consumables, resource drops, and traps. This world-changing, one-time event started on November 4. The storm is already moving at the beginning of a map, meaning players are more tightly packed into a smaller drop zone.

Save the World players are also getting some love with the Fortnite 6.22 update (1.91).

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