LG foldable phone will likely be unveiled at CES 2019, leak suggests

Delia Walker
November 4, 2018

One of the highlights from yesterday was the report that Samsung would use Qualcomm's third-generation ultra-sonic fingerprint reader on its Galaxy S10 flagships and ditch the iris scanner. Coming back to the report, the tipster further added in another tweet that Samsung will have exclusive rights for this ultrasonic fingerprint technology in the near future.

While the Iris Scanner was always slower as compared to the fingerprint sensor, it was the only contact-less biometric verification system that Samsung came up for answering the facial recognition systems. It's the first quad-camera high-end smartphone from Samsung and a lot is riding on the success of the device. He said that he is not sure about Samsung plans for launching a foldable smartphone, but he knows that LG will reveal a smartphone in January.

Something to look forward to: New camera modules from Samsung are headed to production soon that will enable better low light performance and high resolution shots during the day.

The ultra-modern camera sensor is not the only innovative element within the expected Samsung Galaxy S10. We can see on the photos that Galaxy S10, in addition to the already mentioned camera hole, will have even less bezels at the top and bottom of its display that the Galaxy S9. In the recent period, tech giant Apple has launched three new iPhones while Huawei and Google also have new phones out. LG is said to be one of the companies to dominate the foldable screen market worldwide, in the first half of 2019. This is a useful feature which is not very common, although it drains the battery a bit. The reason for that is the expected early 2019 announcement and release of Samsung's heavy-hitters.

If there was a smartphone that the Samsung fans are waiting with eager, it is the Galaxy S10. The tipster also added that while he can not speak for Samsung, which has already hinted that it will unveil a foldable display phone in the future. Whilst it is great to see Samsung flourish at a time of slow growth and an extremely highly competitive market, it would seem its mobile division isn't travelling all that well and is a concern for the company going forward.

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