Will the OnePlus 6T fingerprint sensor work with a screen protector?

Delia Walker
October 31, 2018

Both the device comes with a premium look and feel when it comes to the design as they flaunt their glass body and come with a protective case along the device itself.

OnePlus has finally unveiled its latest new smartphone to the world - the OnePlus 6T.

For the first time, OnePlus will be available in the United States through a carrier, T-Mobile. OnePlus has cut a particularly juicy deal with T-Mobile.

Although T-Mobile's product page doesn't specify the required condition for the trade-in, a company rep told me it must be "in good working condition - no cracked screen, no liquid damage". United Kingdom buyers will be able to get up to £205 off a 6T purchase by trading in an old handset (select models only) or any OnePlus smartphone. That list includes basically every recent iPhone and major Samsung phone, as well as a few big name phones from other manufacturers.

Above you'll see a gallery of images captured on the 29th of October, 2018.

OnePlus 6T has a special feature called "NightScape". This OnePlus 6T event will confirm the phone's India price, as well as the sale details and offers through Amazon India, its exclusive partner. The device comes in a 6GB RAM + 64GB storage and a 8GB RAM + 256GB storage variant.

Pricing starts at just $549 for a model with 6GB of RAM and 128GB of storage. An 8GB option will take it up to $579. And while the two phones come across as very similar from the specifications and features, there are some small changes in the new phone that justify its status as an update. U.S. mobile infrastructure is apparently different to ours, and simply having an unlocked phone doesn't mean it's compatible with every network - that's why United States media outlets have been making a big deal of OnePlus collaborating with Verizon to ensure compatibility.

This is where the OnePlus 6T leads. Already launched in the USA market at $549, the phone will go on sale on November 1. The talk of the town, however, will be the large 6.41-inch OLED display that the OnePlus 6T is rocking (up from 6.28 inches on the OnePlus 6). OnePlus has eschewed the Huawei approach of shouty AI and unworldly saturation (we must note that AI is turned off by default in the latest Huawei Mate 20). Buzz.ie rates it one of the phones of the year.

The OnePlus alliance, announced at an event on Monday in NY, shows how many US-China business relationships, including those involving the most advanced technologies, are marching ahead despite the escalating US China trade war.

Much to the dismay of many, the 6T is the first OnePlus handset to ditch the 3.5mm headphone jack in favour of audio over USB-Type C. The decision was made to squeeze out extra space within the device to accommodate for the FOD module beneath the display.

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