The Best New Features In iOS 12.1

Delia Walker
October 31, 2018

As per media reports, the new update - iOS 12.1 - will be rolled out a couple of hours after the event.

Apple has updated its iPhone User Guide, available for free from Apple Books, and it now includes details on the new features for iOS 12.1.

With iOS 12.1, the company is upgrading the Depth Control feature for Portrait mode on the iPhone Xs with support for real-time preview.

It allows users to conduct FaceTime video conference calls with up to 32 participants. Don't panic though, as you can take a backup of everything using iTunes or iCloud and restore your device once you have set up iOS 12.0.1.

In 2019, Apple will work with the Unicode Consortium to add more disability-themed emoji with the release of Unicode 12.0. These include real-time depth control in the camera, letting iPhone XS, iPhone XS Max, and iPhone XR owners adjust the bokeh of a Portrait Mode photo before you take it. "Hey Nilesh! Please be informed that Esim functionality for iPhone XS Max will be available effective 30-Oct when Apple releases iOS 12.1 Thank you, Anmol P", reads the tweet.

Apple has brought Group FaceTime with up to 32 people simultaneously and over 70 new emoji to iPhones and iPads via iOS 12.1. The interesting thing about the new feature is the iPhone can track facial motion and automatically recognise them active speakers and brings to the forefront of the group chat.

Participants who are not active will appear at the bottom of the screen until they talk.

"If people in a conversation have already started a FaceTime session, Messages shows the active call in the conversation list and inside your conversations", said Apple. A simple tap also brings a participant front and center.

First and foremost, iOS 12.1 will finally bring Group FaceTime to the iPhone.

Ringless notification: When calling more than one person, FaceTime displays a notification that lets you instantly join a call without being disruptive. Earlier, it was possible to control the depth of field only post-capture.

More than 70 new emoji have come to iPhone and iPad with iOS 12.1.

Dual-SIM support is something that Apple promised with the launch of the new range of iPhones, and now it's here. China is the only market where Apple will launch a different version of the new iPhones with two physical nano SIM card slots.

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