John Bolton: Putin Invited to Visit Washington in Early '19

Glen Norman
October 29, 2018

He also said he had productive and positive meetings with Georgian officials in Tbilisi.

It was not immediately clear if Mr Putin had accepted the invitation. It's unclear whether Trump would visit with Putin in the White House.

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US President Donald Trump's Security Advisor John Bolton stated in Tbilisi today that Georgia is of the highest strategic importance for the US.

Mr Putin has repeatedly said that improvements in US-Russian ties have been thwarted by US political infighting, but voiced hope that Mr Trump could eventually move to fix the fractured relations.

"In Helsinki, @POTUS agreed to ongoing working level dialogue between the two security council staffs. President Trump asked @Ambjohnbolton to invite President Putin to Washington in the fall and those discussions are already underway", White House Press Secretary Sarah Sanders tweeted in July.

Ahead of the invitation in Washington, both Putin and Trump will be in Paris next month for a ceremony marking the 100th anniversary of the end of World War I.

"We may - it's being discussed right now", the president told reporters at the White House.

Last week, Putin said a nuclear strike against Russian Federation would unleash a "global catastrophe" because "retaliation is inevitable" on the part of his country.

The INF treaty, signed by ex-US president Ronald Reagan and Soviet leader Mikhail S. Gorbachev in 1987, prohibits the development and deployment of land-based intermediate-range cruise missiles. Earlier this month, the Russian leader said "playing the Russian card" was a convenient instrument in US politics ahead of the midterm election in November. Russia, on the other hand, has contended it's in compliance with the accord.

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