The Lakers-Rockets clash culminated in a brawl

Tonya Becker
October 23, 2018

The fight could leave with both teams without key rotation players due to suspension. It was difficult for Anthony to debate the ruling after a hard right hand landed on the face of Knicks forward Jared Jeffries.

The NBA moved fast with this one.

As the players came together, Rondo and Paul - two players with a history of incidents stretching back to 2009 - began throwing punches before being separated by their teammates, with James dragging his friend Paul away from the confrontation. "We all know what happened". VanDeWeghe is leading the NBA's probe into the incident and helping to interview participants and witnesses on Sunday in Los Angeles, league sources said.

Paul will forfeit $491,781 in salary, Rondo $186,206, and Ingram $158,817. "This game is played with a lot of passion and it's an aggressive game and obviously there is contact in the game".

Rondo and Paul exchanged punches before being ejected. World Peace elbowed Harden, who was then playing for Oklahoma City, in a game also at Staples Center to earn that penalty, the irony being Harden is the one who Ingram fouled to start Saturday's fracas. "Take a punch in the face and then, 'That's OK?'"

Of course, Rondo will claim that he didn't mean to spit on Paul.

Rondo followed with the first punch - a left hook that connected with Paul's cheek - and the Rockets point guard responded in kind. The 20-year-old point guard will likely take the starting role again as Rondo serves a three-game suspension without pay. This was not a Hawks-Bulls game on a local affiliate. This is the last thing the National Basketball Association wants to see during a nationally televised contest between two marquee teams. This, apparently, got the Chili Peppers singer pretty damn red-hot, and he gave Paul an earful when the player was led past Kiedis' seat. The Rockets, meanwhile, rebounded from their 131-119 home loss to the Pelicans two nights before.

The league will interview Chris Paul, Rajon Rondo and Brandon Ingram along with each team and the officials from Saturday's game.

Just ask Carmelo about how it used to work in the old days.

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