Is This 'Avengers 4' Action Figure Set Real?

Tonya Becker
October 15, 2018

While many continue to protest for equal compensation, Johansson is reportedly receiving $15 million for Marvel's new standalone Black Widow movie, according to The Hollywood Reporter.

Avengers 4 fan theories have been doing the rounds online non-stop since the credits finally stopped rolling on Infinity War, but there was always one that stood out - that of the surviving Avengers using the Quantum Realm to defeat Thanos. She is gearing up for her own "Black Widow" solo movie, and is getting a whopping amount as remuneration.

On 4 October, Chris Evans announced that he had completed the shooting of Avengers 4, bidding adieu to Captain America, a role he had played for almost a decade. Brie Larson will reportedly be paid approximately $5 million for Captain Marvel. THR also says that actors typically get a bonus depending on the film's performance at the box office. It's worthy of note, however, that Downey made $500,000 for his first Iron Man film.

However, a Marvel spokesperson told The Hollywood Reporter that it "disputes the accuracy of these numbers" and does not "publicly disclose salaries or deal terms" as a matter of policy. The actor wrote a heartfelt message to his fans and colleagues, saying it was an "honor" to play Captain America for eight years.

A picture of a purported Avengers 4 action figure seems to show Thor and Rocket (and just a snippet of Captain America) wearing matching white, red and black uniforms with the Avengers "A" emblazoned on them. To everyone in front of the camera, behind the camera, and in the audience, thank you for the memories!

Johansson has played the superhero Black Widow in six movies.

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