Google's Lenovo Smart Display is Already Here

Delia Walker
October 13, 2018

Apart from the fact that Google's Pixel phones get instant access to new Android releases while owners of rival phones typically have to wait several months for updates, the cameras on Google's Pixel phone lineup have been among the phones' biggest draws.

While at the Made by Google event, I spent most of my time looking mainly at the Pixel Slate.

Google's new Pixel Slate unveiled Tuesday brings "the power and productivity of a desktop to a gorgeous tablet", according to senior vice president Rick Osterloh.

Compared to that, the Pixel 2 cost $1079 upon release previous year.

The Pixel 3 faces continued limited sales in the United States since Google again signed an exclusive distribution deal with wireless carrier Verizon Communications Inc that means the device will get little marketing from other carriers. Although this case has been thrown out of court by a United Kingdom judge this past Monday, it's still cause for concern.

If you want to show off your new Pixel 3, MoKo's clear case is for you.

In the Pixel 3 and Pixel 3 XL no 3.5 mm headset Jack, but in the box with the phone headphones with USB connector.

It's too early to tell whether the Pixel 3 will outshine its predecessor, given that the most significant upgrades are internal rather than visible. In addition to this update, Google Home Speaker is also getting a playback speed control feature that will allow the users to increase or decrease the playback speed of news and podcasts. The continued conversation feature permits you to ask the Assistant a query and then include a reminder, a follow-up, or a product to a shopping list without the need to say "OK Google" every time. Both devices have an impressing 12.2MP camera on the back of device as well as dual 8MP front cameras.

In March I said I wanted Google to make a smart home hub. The Pixel 3 will have a new chip, called Titan, to store keys to the most sensitive information, including those needed to unlock the phone and descramble stored data. As always, getting started can be hard if you don't even know where to start. We did feel, however, that colour saturation in video mode was a bit eclectic.

The Pixel 3 certainly does improve on a lot of the features that made the Pixel 2 great to begin with. C-Sleep bulbs have three color options and are created to support your Circadian rhythm, promoting a more natural sleep/wake cycle. This new feature makes low-light photographs brighter and clearer using machine learning. The new version Echo Show starts at $229, while the least expensive Facebook Portal sells for $199. The technology enables the panel to use less energy per pixel, allowing for sharper displays without sacrificing battery life or size.

To conclude, we think that Google Pixels Slate will look fanciful in the hand of the user.

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