Kavanaugh accuser looks to negotiate conditions to testify later next week

Glen Norman
September 21, 2018

Kavanaugh also wrote Grassley and said he "will be there" on Monday and looks "forward to the opportunity to testify before the Committee".

"Privately, Trump is being cautioned extensively to stay out of the fight over Kavanaugh, according to two White House advisers, and so far has tempered his language".

Through her lawyers, Ford said she wouldn't speak to the committee until the FBI investigates the incident, which allegedly occurred while Ford and Kavanaugh were in high school.

"A hearing on Monday is not possible and the Committee's insistence that it occur then is arbitrary in any event", Katz added.

Hill, who is most famous for accusing then-judge Clarence Thomas of sexual harassment back in the 1990s, during his own confirmation hearing, demanded that the FBI investigate the allegations of sexual assault against Judge Kavanaugh in order to avoid the same "sham proceeding" she experienced.

Ford's lawyers continue to say that they want a full FBI investigation to take place before Ford will testify.

Ford's allegation has jeopardized Kavanaugh's nomination to a lifetime post on the Supreme Court, which previously was on track toward confirmation.

President Donald Trump's Supreme Court nomination Brett Kavanaugh found himself at the focus of an increasing scandal this week as sexual allegations from his high school days have hit the headlines, adding what some will see as yet just another flaw to the history of the controversial nominee.

"I would like to set up a call with you later today to discuss the conditions under which Dr. Christine Blasey Ford would be prepared to testify next week". She called on the FBI to investigate the assault allegation "and all the threats she's undergoing".

Democrats have objected to the deadline, not wanting to let the hearing degenerate into Kavanaugh's word against Ford's.

"After reports of the letter surfaced last week, Feinstein released a statement, saying she had received the letter". "Dear Professor Ford, we know how hard it is to stand up to powerful people", they say.

Republicans have resisted all Democratic efforts to slow and perhaps block Kavanaugh's confirmation. Mazie Hirono, D-Hawaii, left, joined by former students from Holton Arms School, speaks to reporters in support of professor Christine Blasey Ford, who is accusing Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh of a decades-old sexual attack, during a news conference on Capitol Hill in Washington, Thursday, Sept. 20, 2018. Chuck Grassley, R-Iowa, chairman of the Judiciary Committee, is expected to present Ford with a counter offer as early as Friday.

One of the four has yet to be publicly identified. Senate Judiciary Chairman Chuck Grassley and President Donald Trump have continued to oppose having the Federal Bureau of Investigation handle the incident. In the initial post, it was being interpreted that he was saying he'd heard Ford's story. "If she shows up and makes a credible showing", Trump said, referring to Ford, "that'll be very interesting, and we'll have to make a decision".

According to the National Sexual Violence Resource Center, one in three women in the United States experience some form of sexual violence in their lives.

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