Sarah Huckabee Sanders Says Trump Believes No One's Above The Law

Glen Norman
September 11, 2018

Fear looks to offer readers a glimpse into a White House workplace culture as chaotic, bullheaded and motivated by self-preservation as the man on top, and the reaction from its subjects reveals just how deep the Trump administration's problems run.

Merck & Co. CEO Kenneth Frazier, Intel CEO Brian Krzanich, Under Armour's Kevin Plank, Alliance for American Manufacturing President Scott Paul and AFL-CIO President Richard Trumka all announced their departure from Trump's business advisory councils following the controversial comments.

"The Woodward book is a scam", Trump said.

"Most significant, however, were the private reactions from House Speaker Ryan and Senate Majority Leader McConnell".

"I think you've always been fair", Trump said in a recorded conversation with Woodward released by the Washington Post.

In a statement last week, Mattis called the book "fiction" and said that "the contemptuous words about the president attributed to me in Woodward's book were never uttered by me or in my presence".

On Woodward's book, which will be released on Tuesday, Sanders reiterated the that numerous sources quoted in the book have denied what the Washington Post journalist reported and called Woodward's book "careless" and "reckless".

Besides slamming Sessions in his tweet over Hunter and Collins, Trump and his attorneys have long argued that the president himself is above a number of laws.

US Defense Secretary Jim Mattis, in turn, is quoted as saying the president has the mental capacity of a "fifth or sixth grader", while current chief of staff John Kelly is quoted as calling Trump "an idiot".

In the wake of a scathing New York Times op-ed written by an anonymous senior member of the Trump administration, officials say the president's paranoia and distrust of his own staff are deepening.

"Some of the things Trump did, and does, jeopardize the real national security", Woodward said.

The book has already risen to No. 1 on Amazon's best-seller list, but Trump said the longtime Washington Post reporter and editor used "now disproven unnamed and anonymous sources". "If that person had come to me while I was working on this book or if it were someone I interviewed I would say, 'I need specifics.' The building blocks of journalism, of truth, are specific incidents".

"It happens frequently", Woodward said.

Trump's economic adviser Gary Cohn removed papers from the president's desk to stop him from withdrawing from KORUS, according to Woodward's reporting.

What is most troubling, however, is Woodward's praise and obvious admiration for those who undermine a duly elected president by doing things like sneaking documents off his desk, by hiding stuff from him.

It was the first White House briefing since the New York Times essay became public last week. He added, "He and I both know this story is total BS".

Woodward says his sources' denials are driven by "political necessity", and are a product of the way Washington generally runs.

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