IPhone 2018 Release Date Leaked: When You Can Buy

Delia Walker
September 11, 2018

The company, which will reportedly introduce a 6.1-inch successor to the iPhone 8 and a 6.5-inch Plus-sized version of iPhone X's successor, sees opportunities beyond the initial sales boost. When it comes to the iPhone XC, Ben Gaskin tweeted some pictures on its profile showing some white, red, and blue prototypes. With an expected price of between $700-800, the new iPhone will likely be more attractive to consumers who were turned off by the iPhone X's $1,000 price tag and held off on upgrading.

The consensus expectation is that the new LCD iPhone will be priced between US$699 and US$749, Goldman Sachs analyst Rod Hall wrote Friday in a note to investors.

It has happened nearly every time Apple has introduced a new design: iPhone 4, iPhone 5, iPhone 6/6 Plus, and iPhone X.

Apple has scheduled a Special Event on September 12th in Cupertino, California. For example, Apple has used the "c" labelling for its version of budget phones before, just think of the the iPhone 5C.

Jennifer Chan, analysts at the research firm Kantar Worldpanel, said that since people spend more time on larger devices, Apple can capitalize on this extra screen time. This would be a bit of a game-changer, as before now, Apple's always released mobile products with Lightning ports or their original 30-pin monster ports.

Apple is launching three new iPhones this Wednesday, the iPhone XS, the XS Max...and the iPhone...something or the other. The Apple Watch Series 4 is expected to come with an edge-to-edge display with bigger screen size. This year, the new models will likely be available for purchase much closer to their announcement date. Whether or not that means these devices can actually run iOS is unknown. The "S" name would be a return to form for Apple, which has a history of adding the letter "S" to iPhone models with updated components, new features and no major changes to the exterior design.

What's particularly interestingly about this weekend's leak, is that according to The Apple Post, the screenshots pictured may have leaked courtesy of Apple, itself.

Revamped iPad Pros: Apple is planning two new iPad Pros for this year with slimmer bezels and Face ID instead of the home button and fingerprint sensor.

The event may also include Apple Watch internet-connected wrist wear getting its first significant redesign since it debuted three years ago.

There's also word from Kuo that there'll quite possibly be a "low-price MacBook" that would replace the 12-inch MacBook in Apple Stores.

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