Mercedes wants to upset Tesla

Sean Reid
September 8, 2018

We hope the production auto in 2020 can outperform Mercedes-Benz's range prediction; when so many consumers grade BEVs on how far they'll go on a single charge, the EQC gets fewer miles-per-kWh than logical rivals like the, Tesla Model X, and. To reduce power consumption, the front electric motor is optimized for efficiency in the low to medium load range, while the rear e-motor adds sportiness. However, instead of being dead-last among its premium electric crossover competition, the EQC 400 now boasts a better range at 279 miles than both the Jaguar I-Pace and Audi e-Tron, both of which use larger batteries (90 and 95 kilowatt-hours) to travel 240 and 249 miles respectively.

With that being said, the production EQC is expected to feature two electric motors - one for each axle.

While the Mercedes EQC looks like it's aimed at Tesla's Model X SUV the specs say that Mercedes still has some catching up to do. Mercedes plans to assemble the EQC at its factory in Bremen, where it also makes its best-selling C-Class sedan.

All EQC's are equipped with a water-cooled onboard charger (OBC) with a capacity of 7.4 kW, making it suitable for fast AC charging at home or at public charging stations.

As further detailed over at Hot Hardware, the EQC SUV will come in similar size with the company's earlier GLC crossover. EQ stands for Electric Intelligence, and will be applied to future electric models. It has amassed more than 2,000 refundable deposits of 20,000 crowns ($2,400) in Europe's biggest electric-car market, where Tesla sold 8,500 vehicles a year ago. "We are therefore investing more than 10 billion euros in the expansion of our EQ model portfolio, and more than one billion euros in global battery production".

The new Tesla Roadster - Tesla's "proposed" hyper-performance electric supercar - has been revealed in Europe, just as Mercedes reveals it EQC. We have details and gallery of the new SUV, the first of offering in the automaker's EQ brand. Their new models are coming to the market as Tesla faces questions about its ability to generate cash and expand production.

The pricing is yet to be determined, but Mercedes-Benz did release some other vital statistics.

We've covered Jaguar Land Rover thoroughly of late, charting its 10-year progress under Tata Motors and in this week's paper, exploring the marketing challenges.

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