Pope About Call for Resignation: "I Will Not Say a Single Word"

Glen Norman
August 28, 2018

Francis accepted McCarrick's resignation as cardinal last month after a US church investigation determined that an accusation he had sexually abused a minor was credible.

Vigano's claim that McCarrick had been ordered by Benedict to stay out of public ministry and retire to a lifetime of prayer is somewhat disputed, given that McCarrick enjoyed a fairly public retirement.

Francis told reporters that the letter from Vigano, which often veers into rampant homophobia, "speaks for itself", according to the Associated Press.

Archbishop Vigano, 77, a conservative whose hardline anti-gay views are well known, urged the reformist Pope to resign over the issue and what he called the "conspiracy of silence" about McCarrick. "I will not say a word".

Rising at the crack of dawn and braving pelting rain and driving winds, Irish Catholics made their way for a Mass with Pope Francis in Dublin on Sunday. I read it and I will say sincerely that I must say this, to you (the reporter) and all of you who are interested: "read the document carefully and judge it for yourselves", he said.

Vigano wrote that he told Francis: "Holy Father, I don't know if you know Cardinal McCarrick, but if you ask the Congregation of Bishops, there is a dossier this thick about him". Responding to a plea from the adoptees, the pope assured the aging mothers it wasn't a sin to look for the children taken from them so long ago.

The Vatican had no immediate comment on the allegations.

He alleged that before becoming pope, Francis had also ignored Vatican sanctions against Mr McCarrick.

"A new episode of internal opposition", the Vatican newspaper l'Osservatore Romano said Monday of Vigano's allegations.

Wuerl would have presumably known about the sanctions since McCarrick lived in his archdiocese.

That's right. The Pope seemingly endorsed notorious "ex-gay therapy", a form of psychological torture banned in parts of the United States, by implying that being gay is a psychological problem.

But the bishop of the Diocese of Tyler, Texas, told his parishioners he thinks the allegations are "credible".

"One in six of us were not born here, and there are more and more people who adhere to other faiths, or who are comfortable in declaring that they subscribe to no organised religion". CNN has reached out to his office for explanation.

BOSTON/DUBLIN A former top Vatican official accused Pope Francis of having known of allegations of sex abuse by a prominent United States cardinal for five years before accepting his resignation last month, calling on the pontiff to resign.

This came less than two weeks after a scathing grand jury report in Pennsylvania detailed sex abuse in the Catholic Church.

Francis asked for forgiveness on Sunday during his highly charged visit to Ireland for the "scandal and betrayal" felt by victims of sexual exploitation by Catholic clergy.

"The Ireland of the 21st century is a very different place today than it was in the past", the Taoiseach said during a speech in Dublin Castle last Saturday. "It is a story all too tragically familiar here in Ireland".

He later said mass to tens of thousands of flag-waving worshippers before heading back to Rome after his two-day visit.

Pope Francis said on Sunday he would not respond to a former top Vatican official who accused him of having known for years of allegations of sex abuse by a prominent US cardinal, calling on the pontiff to resign in an unprecedented broadside against the pope by a Church insider.

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