Won't Be Silenced By Trump, Says Ex-CIA Chief After Being Blacklisted

Glen Norman
August 17, 2018

"The president's action regarding John Brennan and the threats of similar action against other former officials has nothing to do with who should and should not hold security clearances - and everything to do with an attempt to stifle free speech", the statement reads.

John Brennan hit back at Trump after he ordered that his security clearance should be revoked and wrote that the President's campaign had colluded with Moscow to win in the 2016 election.

"Through your actions, you have embarrassed us in the eyes of our children, humiliated us on the world stage and, worst of all, divided us as a nation", McRaven said of Trump.

"Mr. Brennan's lying and recent conduct characterized by increasingly frenzied commentary is wholly inconsistent with access to the nation's most closely held secrets and facilities, the very aim of our adversaries, which is to sow division and chaos", Trump said. However, he said the move would be a "powerful piece of evidence" for prosecutors as part of a pattern to demonstrate an intent to use presidential power in connection with the investigation. Since any potential obstruction of justice charges Trump may eventually face could relate to the information he received then, Brennan may eventually be called to testify about these events.

President Donald Trump urged his Attorney General Jeff Sessions to sue certain pharmaceutical companies that have contributed to the opioid crisis in the United States. "I think it shows the state of mind and intent to interfere or impede any unfavorable discussion of his potential connection to Russian Federation".

There was no reference to the Russian Federation probe in a White House statement that was read at a press briefing on Wednesday and sent out to reporters.

Trump's statement said the Brennan issue raises larger questions about the practice of allowing former officials to maintain their security clearances, and said that those of other officials were under review.

The White House said removing his access to sensitive government information on Wednesday was due to Mr Brennan's "erratic conduct" and "outrageous allegations".

A few hours later his explanation had changed.

Just last night, Trump quoted Dan Bongino, Joe diGenova, Mark Levin, and even Sean Hannity shortly after they said things that bolster his views on the air.

"We have never before seen the approval or removal of security clearances used as a political tool, as was done in this case", they added. "The Hillary Clinton whole investigation was a total sham".

In a heated rebuff, he told MSNBC: "I've seen this type of behaviour on the part of foreign tyrants and despots and autocrats for many years during my Central Intelligence Agency and national security career".

"While I had deep insight into Russian activities during the 2016 election, I now am aware - thanks to the reporting of an open and free press - of many more of the highly suspicious dalliances of some American citizens with people affiliated with the Russian intelligence services".

In announcing Comey's firing, the White House initially cited the former Federal Bureau of Investigation director's handling of the probe into Democratic rival Clinton's emails, seizing on the Federal Bureau of Investigation director's decision to divulge details of the probe to the public during her campaign against Trump. A few days after Comey was dismissed Trump said he was really thinking of "this Russian Federation thing".

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