This was the final warning - Ben Stokes must grow up now

Dean Simpson
August 14, 2018

Meanwhile, the European Central Bank will set up a Cricket Discipline Commission that will take stock of Stokes' involvement in this physical altercation outside a Bristol pub previous year.

England all-rounder Ben Stokes has been ruled out of the third Test against India, owing to the ongoing trial for affray at a Bristol court.

The prosecutors alleged that Stokes abused the doorman of a nightclub in Bristol after the latter denied the cricketer re-entry.

England cricket player Ben Stokes has been found not guilty for his role in a street fight.

At the moment that the verdict was delivered, Stokes' wife Clare broke down in tears, then Neil Fairbrother, his agent, did likewise.

Stokes still faces European Central Bank disciplinary proceedings but, after the jury came back with their verdicts having deliberated for just three hours, the Durham all-rounder is hoping to make cricket has main focus.

The men tussled and fell to the floor and Stokes said he was compelled to act further because he felt under threat from Mr Ali and Mr Hale.

Kai Barry and William O'Connor told ITV News they were really thankful for what he did, after they were being threatened with homophobic abuse.

Neither O'Connor nor Barry gave evidence but the judge said imaginations should not run riot as to why that had been the case. However, Stokes' England team-mate Jonny Bairstow welcomed the prospect of his swift return. He is believed to have had at least 10 drinks, including vodka and beer before the fight broke out at around 2 am, hours after England had beaten West Indies in an ODI fixture.

Ali, an emergency services worker, suffered a fractured eye socket, while Mr Hale, a former soldier, was left with concussion after both were punched by the cricketer in the brawl.

"As soon as I see Mr Ali swing the bottle and physically hit them that's when I took the decision to get involved", Stokes said. He did not deny punching two men (Ali and Ryan Hale, who was acquitted earlier in proceedings due to a lack of evidence), but insisted he did so as he feared for his safety and the safety of others.

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