Nintendo Leaks New 'Super Smash Bros.' Character

Delia Walker
August 10, 2018

Ultimate hype gathers steam as it gears up towards release on the Nintendo Switch, it's been doing what fans of the fighting game love most about the series: announce more iconic Nintendo characters to its already big roster. But before we get to that... Classic mode, which made its debut way back in the very first Super Smash Bros game for N64, will be returning in Ultimate.

Speaking of earworms, the only thing more stacked than the stage selection is the game's soundtrack.

Masahiro Sakurai wasn't messing around today. He looks to be somewhat similar to King Dedede in fighting style, but he can also fire off cannonballs at opponents.

Well, sort of. There are actually only two *brand* new pugilists, plus three extra "Echo" fighters - altered clones of existing characters. Ultimate fans have at least a few more character reveals between now and launch.

Nintendo held a special Smash Bros Direct event to reveal details on of the upcoming Super Smash Bros Ultimate on the Switch. Rathalos is the first character in Smash history that can show up as both an assist trophy and a boss character in single-player modes.

With all of these Castlevania-related additions to Smash Bros., one would think that a new Castlevania game is on the way, right?

Tourneys: A variant of an offline tournament mode is a Smash Bros. staple.

Stages are now listed in the order they were added to the series, just like the characters.

Because of these additions, Training mode sounds like it's going to be a great way to learn a new character quickly. The fan-favorite Alucard will also appear as an Assist Trophy.

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate releases for the Nintendo Switch this December 7.

Nintendo and Microsoft seem to have a fairly healthy relationship at the time of this writing, with cross-play between the Switch and Xbox One, and the companies publicly supporting one another on social media platforms.

Stamina battle is a full mode, joining time and stock.

Will you be dropping some cash on the Super Smash Bros. Brawl - which came out just over a decade ago, if you need a reminder of your own mortality.

Simon's joined in Smash by his descendant Richter - the protagonist of Castlevania: Dracula X on the SNES, which was a sort of simplified remake of Castlevania: Rondo of Blood for the Turbo Duo-as an "echo fighter". Luckily, Castlevania series star Simon Belmont was on hand to save the mascot's harvested soul.

At some point in the 26-minute video stream, which went live on August 8, a teaser for the upcoming game featured characters from the "Castlevania" franchise crossing over to Nintendo's brawler.

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