Vikings' Randy Moss inducted into Pro Football Hall of Fame Saturday

Dean Simpson
August 6, 2018

As a result, expect the former Eagles wide receiver to be barely mentioned Saturday night.

Six-time Pro Bowl participant Terrell Owens was inducted to the NFL Hall of Fame on Saturday.

Owens had a remarkable 16-year career in the NFL.

Canton is often thought of by those embracing the history of the National Football League as small-town, Middle America, but it is in fact a city of about 72,000 and the eighth-largest city in OH, which is the seventh-most populous state in America. He almost lost it acknowledging his stepfather, Trey Lenard.

"I was not the biggest, the strongest or fastest, but my goals were clear", he said. "I'd like to set the record straight". "I'm really grateful for this honor".

He drew laughs and tears, gave advice and inspired cheers from a load of Eagles fans in attendance, all the while pounding the microphone stand with his fist like he was wearing out a running back over the course of a game. Plenty of navy No. 54s mingled among many Chicagoans who made the 390-mile trek east.

"Where would we be without Dennis Green?!", Moss yelled to Vikings fans.

After Urlacher, it was Dawkins', Moss' and Lewis' turns on the stage and the induction ceremony became part football and part revival.

He did it again, with aplomb.

Kramer said he knew his request for an $8,000 salary was too low when the immediate response came back, "OK, sign here". His friend, whom he referred to as Dave Brown and who also is friends with Lewis, brought it from Canton. He praised Alex Brown's laugh and Dusty Dvoracek's leadership. I was always called 'little this, little that, ' and I got exhausted of that crap. He credited Charles Tillman for changing the game. "They say that I am making the wrong decision, but sometimes, got to do what is deemed wrong or the wrong thing for the right reasons".

For many, Owens was the very definition of a bad teammate. That spoke to how Urlacher connected to everyone on the roster regardless of status. He said he didn't regret one day with any of those clubs. Former defensive coordinator Greg Blache sat next to Lovie Smith, whose career always will be intertwined with the linebacker he asked to do everything in the middle of the Cover-2 defense.

"Football is not who I am", Moss said.

After acknowledging his other coaches, Dawkins turned to his parents, his four children, and his wife, Connie. It struck a remarkable contrast to see someone as guarded about his personal life as Urlacher once was address each of his kids individually with such pride and sincerity. "Trust me when I tell you, it is family", said Urlacher. His best hire might have been coach Joe Gibbs, who presented Beathard for induction. "And so I grew a chip on my shoulder, but also what began to grow was anger in me, that I would lose control of once in a while".

"I love everything about football - the friendships, the coaches, the teammates, the teachers, the challenges, and the opportunity to excel as a teammate and as a leader".

"Football did not define me, but it has clearly helped me to be a better man".

Excitedly, Urlacher rubbed the top of the bronze sculpture.

For Bears fans on this night, bald never has looked more attractive.

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