Galaxy Note9 name confirmed by Samsung for its 'most powerful phone yet'

Delia Walker
August 4, 2018

That's likely to be from a 512GB internal storage and 512GB microSD card option.

Samsung has kicked off Galaxy Note 9 pre-orders yesterday, and the Galaxy Note 9 pre-order video has just been published by Samsung New Zealand on YouTube.

According to Dmitriy Ryabinin, the Samsung Galaxy Note 9 is already available in stores in Russian Federation but is not up for sale as of now. However, several users have posted the same video on the platform.

The video progresses to show the S Pen with "All new powerful S Pen" with a close up on the button that Samsung is expected to introduce on the S Pen. The smartphone will have a microSD card slot as well, allowing further expansion up to 1TB.

Why it matters: Samsung's Galaxy Note 9 isn't being unveiled until August 9, but with so many leaks arriving right now, will there be much left to reveal at the Unpacked event? Samsung places emphasis on storage; the Note 9 could hold 1 TB of (expandable) storage. This confirmed the existence of a blue version accompanied by a yellow S Pen that slots into the bottom of the device, however there is no indication of other variants that will be available on release.

The Samsung video starts off by touting the power of the Galaxy Note 9. We get confirmation that the rear fingerprint sensor has moved from the Note 8's annoying off-center position next to the flash, to a central point below the dual cameras. The S Pen is "all new" and "powerful", too. Also, with less than a week remaining for the launch, some reports have tipped the price of the Galaxy Note 9.

Leaks and official announcements only confirm rumours and speculations around the Galaxy Note 9.

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