Lala Anthony Reportedly Starring As Kiki In Drake's "In My Feelings" Video

Tonya Becker
August 3, 2018

The Gujarat police on Tuesday warned people not to take the "Kiki Challenge" which is going viral on social media.

Since the dance inception in which people synchs to Drake lyrics, such stars as Will Smith, Ciara and her husband Russell Wilson, Kevin Hart and Odell Beckham Jr. along with non-celebrity fans have all taken the challenge, posting clips incorporating the song's official audio.

The social media world was flooded with similar dance videos, with some referring to it as Kiki.

The originator of the In My Feeling dance challenge, Shiggy has revealed that the challenge was not about getting out of a moving vehicle.

The Delhi Police also tweeted "Dancing on the roads can open new doors for you".

The UP police tweeted the same as mentioned below...

Egypt's Interior Ministry says that while it is fine to do the dance for fun, obstructing traffic could draw fines of up to 3,000 pounds ($167) and a year in prison, the Ahram Online news website reported. Some videos of the dances uploaded on social media show dancers crashing into poles, tripping on potholes or falling out of the cars, being hit by another auto and their valuables being stolen as well.

With the #Kikichallenge trending among citizens across the country, the Hyderabad Traffic Police have issued a warning to youngsters to refrain from taking up the challenge or else end up counting the bars. Later American footballer Odell Beckham Jr also recorded himself dancing outside his auto. Police warned people to "Desist from public nuisance or face the music!"

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