YouTube’s dark mode is finally making its way to Android

Delia Walker
August 2, 2018

The dark mode became one of the most requested features for YouTube's Android app, The Verge quoted the tech giant as saying.

Worth mentioning, the dark theme was first introduced in the web version after the feature first debuted last March. Users will get an option to turn off the mode and dismiss the prompt.

It is worth noting that the dark theme is very useful at any time of the day. The dark theme essentially inverts the colour of the YouTube app UI, replacing the white background with black.

Following months of waiting, YouTube has finally rolled out its famous dark theme to Android devices.

You can also enable or disable the mode in the "General" section of the app's settings by toggling the aptly-titled "dark theme" option.

When enabling the dark theme, the background in YouTube appears as a dark gray (not black) with white text on top. Under the Remind me to take a break option, you'll find the toggle button for the dark theme.

The feature appeared on iOS devices earlier in the year, and now it looks like it has been spotted on some Android devices, which means the rollout process is likely underway. With this mode, users can expect to have a more comfortable viewing experience in low-light conditions. With this being accomplished, YouTube service features would finally be uniform throughout all operating systems. Are you excited for dark mode on YouTube?

The lucky user said he simply went to bed and, on waking up, the YouTube app has changed.

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