Investigation report says 3rd party intervention possible in MH370 mystery

Glen Norman
July 30, 2018

An intriguing new report into what happened to missing Malaysia Airlines Flight MH370 has acknowledged it is likely that the Boeing 777 was deliberately diverted off course.

Investigators also could not conclusively rule out that an aircraft or system malfunction was the cause for the loss of communications with the plane, with the limited evidence available, suggesting it is more likely due to the systems being manually turned off or power interruption or additionally in the case of VHF and HF frequencies not used, whether with intent or otherwise.

But apart from listing procedural lapses, the bulk of their report recounted information already released since the jet vanished on a scheduled flight to Beijing from Kuala Lumpur about four years ago.

The 465-page safety investigation report said the cause of the disappearance of Flight MH370 can not be determined until the plane wreckage is found, but did speculate on the possibility that there was intervention "by a third party".

"If the wreckage has not been found, if no victims have been found, how can we call our report the final report?" he said.

The plane vanished with all 239 peopl on board on 8 March 2014.

The investigation had been described as a "final report", but in his opening remarks Kok said, "This is not a final report".

Investigators also found no red flags on the background check done on the captain and the first officer that could substantiate the pilot suicide theory or abnormal behaviour.

MH370's cargo included 221 kilograms (487 pounds) of lithium batteries and 4.6 tons of fresh mangosteen fruit, according to its manifest.

Malaysia's new government, which took power in May, total transparency, including the release of the report by the official safety investigation team - a 19-member body which includes global investigators.

Copies of the MH370 briefing report are seen at the press conference in Putrajaya July 30, 2018. The report said that investigators had determined that such a fire did not take place.

Malaysia's Transport Minister Anthony Loke had promised to brief relatives of those on board before the report was publicly released.

The disappearance of the flight has become the world's greatest aviation mystery.

A 52-day surface search for MH370 covered an area of several million square miles in the Indian Ocean west of Australia, followed by an underwater search that mapped 274,000 square miles of seabed at depths of up to 20,000 feet. They are nowhere near to closure.

Claims that Hamid's mobile phone was used found that it was only a "heat signal", which Kok said "was just a signal heat to show that the phone was turned on, but there was no call". It says all the evidence points to a an incontrovertible conclusion - that it was under manual control, and that it was deliberately flown out into the Indian Ocean.

Investigators highlighted some mistakes made by the Kuala Lumpur and Ho Chi Minh City air traffic control centers and made safety recommendations to ensure such incidents do not occur again.

There have been a host of theories about why the plane disappeared, ranging from an accident to a hijacking or even a terror plot. The only confirmed traces of the aircraft have been three wing fragments washed up along Indian Ocean coasts.

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