ACLU Supreme Court ads focus on Murkowski, Collins

Glen Norman
July 11, 2018

Kavanaugh never opined on Roe v. Wade directly during his tenure on the U.S. District Court in Washington, D.C. In his 2006 confirmation hearing for that position, though, he said he would follow Roe v. Wade as a "binding precedent" of the Supreme Court - which judges in lower courts are required to do.

Stacey Dash plays Mildred Jefferson, a controversial pro-lifer who made waves as the first Black woman to graduate from Harvard Medical School and the former president of National Right to Life, the oldest national pro-life organization in America. Jefferson was serving as president of National Right to Life when the High Court opened the door to almost unlimited abortion through its Roe v. Wade decision.

President Donald Trump will announce his pick to replace retiring Supreme Court Justice Anthony Kennedy during a Prime Time slot on Monday night.

In the mid-1980s, few outside of pro-life or pro-choice activist circles were aware of the pro-lifers' strategy or thought that Reagan's early judicial nominees endangered abortion rights - which is why several of his Supreme Court nominations received unanimous support in the Senate. He likewise showed some sympathy to voting rights advocates' arguments against partisan gerrymandering and was expected to be a key to outlawing the practice when it next came before the court. In the end, the fight over Supreme Court nominees has not given either side what they really wanted - but after thirty years, neither side is ready to give up the battle. Instead, it would return the decision about abortion legality to the states, where a patchwork of laws already in place render abortion more or less available, largely depending on individual states' political leanings.

The poll surveyed 1,500 US adults from July 1-3 through web-based interviews and had a margin of error of plus or minus 3 percentage points. "I'm not going to comment on those particular cases right now". "Roe v. Wade is the untold story of how people lied, how the media lied, and how the courts were manipulated to pass a law that has since killed over 60 Million Americans", reads a funding appeal for the movie. In 2016, he told Fox News's Chris Wallace that Roe would be overturned if he got to appoint "two or three" justices, "because I am putting pro-life justices on the court".

Roughly a dozen other states appear unlikely to enact tougher abortion laws, and some of those, such as California and Maryland, have laws explicitly protecting the right to access abortion.

Because Republicans - who hold 51 seats in the Senate- need only 51 votes to confirm the next justice, you might think they'd have no problem confirming whoever President Trump nominates.

"'Roe v. Wade" is dead", Toobin said during a CNN panel discussion of Kavanaugh's appointment.

Republican lawmakers have long opposed the measure. One of these will have to get to the Supreme Court to enable a majority to overturn Roe.

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