A final good-bye: Toys R Us closes its doors forever

Sean Reid
June 30, 2018

In fact, the nationwide shutdown has left over 700 more empty retail spaces just like the one photographed and, more importantly, an $11 billion hole in the toy market.

Earlier this year in March, the company announced it will close all remaining 700 stores in the USA after filing for Chapter 11 bankruptcy in September last year and struggling to find a buyer.

Even as stores enter their final days of the liquidation sale, toy expert Jim Silver, the founder and editor in chief of popular toy review website TTPM.com, isn't convinced that the Toys R Us story is over.

However, according to Newsweek, Toys R Us will continue to operate stores outside of the United States and Canada.

Customers who were still devoted will be looking elsewhere to shop.

The famed toy emporium filed for bankruptcy last fall and announced it would be shutting down all locations across America in March.

The photo depicts Geoffrey leaving the empty toy store while holding a suitcase and saying goodbye to the empty shelves. An auction for the company's name, baby shower registry and various trademarks is set for late July.

The liquidation of the largest U.S. toy retailer is a blow to hundreds of toy makers that sold products at the chain, including Barbie maker Mattel Inc, board game company Hasbro Inc and other large vendors such as Lego.

Many long-time employees were hoping to retire at a place they called home.

Madelyn Garcia, who has worked at Toys R Us for 30 years and became a manager at the Boynton Beach store in September, told The Palm Beach Post that the Toys R Us team is a "family" and therefore should be compensated properly.

'It was the best job I had. "I was surrounded by children".

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