John Roberts Will Probably Be The Supreme Court’s Next Swing Justice

Glen Norman
June 28, 2018

US President Donald Trump has hailed a Supreme Court ruling upholding his travel ban which covers people from several Muslim-majority countries.

Liberal groups bemoaned Kennedy's decision, as the Sacramento native appointed by Ronald Reagan has been a key swing vote in a number of court cases that bolstered progressive goals.

Larsen is a former law professor and special counsel to the dean at the University of MI who also clerked for the late Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia. "Even though it takes 10, 20 years for some people to come in, the government thinks there's a need to do more vetting". "We just don't know how much different, but I'm optimistic".

tMr Trump said the Supreme Court decision was a "great victory" for the nation and constitution.

"Justice Kennedy's retirement makes the issue of Senate control the vital issue of our time", Trump declared.

Conservative activists have long dreamed of building a firmly conservative majority on the court that would push to overturn the landmark 1973 ruling in the case Roe v. Wade that legalised abortion nationwide.

Replacing Kennedy with a pro-life, originalist judge could give the Supreme Court its first pro-life majority since before 1973, potentially enabling Roe v. Wade to finally be overturned in one of several battles over pro-life state laws now winding through the legal system. If the Senate divides 50-50, Vice President Mike Pence could break a tie to confirm the nominee. He most recently sided with conservatives in the court's decision to uphold the constitutionality of President Trump's travel ban.

Kennedy personally delivered his retirement letter to the White House on Wednesday afternoon, after he told his fellow justices of his plans at their afternoon conference. During that time, he has vexed both liberals and conservatives with sweeping, high-profile rulings on issues such as gay rights and campaign finance.

Justice Roberts said it was "wholly inapt to liken that morally repugnant order to a facial neutral policy denying certain foreign nationals the privilege of admission".

While it is not clear whom Trump will nominate, the eventual nominee is likely to face resistance from Senate Democrats - who are still bristling from Senate Republicans' blockade of Obama-pick Merrick Garland in 2016 and would balk at the possibility of Trump hardening the conservative bloc on the court.

The president said he would pick from a list of roughly 25 judicial nominees compiled by the Heritage Foundation and the Federalist Society during his campaign. "The most important thing we can do".

The travel ban has been fully in place since December, when the justices stopped lower court decisions that had blocked part of it from being enforced.

Malik worries that Tuesday's ruling grants the Trump administration a blank check to expand the travel ban and prevent more refugees and immigrants from entering the U.S. So does Syed Naqvi, a Pakistani immigrant who showed up to the downtown protest with his wife and five children.

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