Five immigrants dead following US Border Patrol car chase

Glen Norman
June 18, 2018

"We've seen this many, many times", Boy said. Images from the scene showed the SUV badly wrecked in the middle of the road.

The border agent stopped one of the vehicles and another agent stopped a second one. He said at least one and possibly two others died at a hospital.

The sheriff said he hadn't spoken to Border Patrol on the exact cause of the pursuit and nature of the crash. The sheriff told the San Antonio NBC affiliate that it was "good police work" that led to deputies being involved in the chase.

The driver, a suspected smuggler and also believed to be a US citizen, survived the crash, according to NBC News.

Both sides of Highway 85 were closed.

The U.S. Border Patrol on Sunday allowed reporters to briefly visit the facility where the agency is holding children and adults after arresting them at the border.

Boy believes the driver was scouting the area to try and pick up immigrants.

The chase began after agents attempted to stop three vehicles about 90 miles (145km) north of the Mexican border.

Boyd added that a wall is not the only answer.

Boyd said smuggling endangers not only the lives of Americans but also the lives of the immigrants. At the same time, Boyd emphasized that the officers did nothing wrong and that high-speed chases around the state of Texas are a common occurrence. In 2012, 15 unauthorized immigrants were killed in Goliad County, Tex. when their truck ran off a highway.

He added: 'This is a flawless example of why our borders need to be secure'. "We dealt with him last week", Boyd said.

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