In Fortnite appeared first specimen surface transport

Delia Walker
June 13, 2018

Fornite's patch V4.3 will bring with it an all-new shopping cart to the game's Battle Royale mode.

After giving the cart a good push, you can switch your position to actually standing in the center, which allows you to shoot at enemies while speeding by.

Epic Games has said that shopping carts will be scattered across the world in different locations so players will be able to push one around on their own or ride shotgun in one while their teammate pushes them.

A few more changes have been made with this latest patch including the introduction of the controllable shopping cart. Despite its story as a free-to-play experience, the popular battle royale mode sold a whopping 5 million Battle Basses during its first day of Season 3.

If you get this message, don't panic. These carts, though, aren't super-fast or available in numbers that are likely to have a big impact on a match and, truth be told, they kind of make you stand out like a sore thumb. While one player steers, the other can shoot from the cart. Also, there's a sort of risk/reward relationship that comes with snagging one.

In typical Epic Games fashion, the developer quickly responded to community feedback and identified the problem in-game, leading them to create a fix as soon as possible. They add yet another wrinkle to the gameplay, but they're also a bit on the silly side.

However, with this suit limited to Korea now and coming soon after Fortnite launched in the country, we'll just have to see how things pan out and whether suits are filed elsewhere in the world. These creative aspects have helped the game draw many players away from its more binary counterpart.

And diversity is important in these kinds of games. The rideable shopping carts will be spread across the game world randomly.

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