Kilauea Volcano: Aerial Images of Lava Destroying Homes

Glen Norman
June 7, 2018

Steam billowed up from Hawaii's largest freshwater lake as lava flow evaporated its placid waters within a few hours and made it the latest casualty from the Big Island's Kilauea volcano.

However, it was clear Monday that the vast majority of the approximately 500 homes in Kapoho Beach Lots and Vacationland are gone.

Mr. Marzo said that "a'ā", a type of flow involving broken lava blocks called clinkers, had covered the entirety of Kapoho Bay.

The county managing director Wil Okabe said his own vacation home in Kapoho Beach Lots was also threatened.

Now, the area is completely covered by lava after a slow-moving flow pushed its way through the neighborhood, claiming hundreds of homes in what was considered to be the most destructive day of any eruption in modern times. He said the area is a mix of vacation rentals and year-round residences. As the lava enters the cool ocean a new delta is forming in Kapoho Bay, the actual boundaries of the island are transforming as they film.

Mt Kilauea's Fissure 8 lava fountains with heights of about 50m near Pahoa, Hawaii. Hundreds are now staying in emergency shelters.

Snyder said from now on, the county will provide counts of homes destroyed.

Many island residents have lost everything.

Lava had covered almost 8 square miles (20.7 sq km) of landscape as of Monday, and some 9,900 earthquakes had been recorded on the Big Island since Kilauea rumbled back to life last month. One home was lost in a separate 2014 lava flow in the commercial hub of Pahoa.

"I'm kind of at peace, actually", Johnson said of potentially losing his home of 28 years.

Thousands have been evacuated from the area, but officials fear that up to a dozen residents who made a decision to stay could be dead.

"It's a lovely blue day, but it really seems eerie up there, lots and lots of ash covering areas near Jagger Museum and the earthquakes really make things seem very unsettled", she said. The rest were consumed weeks earlier in the larger Leilani Estates subdivision several miles to the west, where lava-spouting fissures in the ground first opened on May 3.

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