When is Trump meeting with Kim Jong Un?

Glen Norman
May 11, 2018

But White House aides have been eying Singapore, a tiny island nation of 5.6 million that boasts one of the most advanced economies in Southeast Asia.

"The highly anticipated meeting between Kim Jong Un and myself will take place in Singapore on June 12th. We are very, very happy".

Trump said he will not disclose whether he will have any personal conversations with Kim as they prepare for their historic summit in the coming weeks.

North Korean and United States officials have been working to organise the summit in recent weeks, amid the easing of tensions in the Korean peninsula.

Kim recently promised to suspend missile tests and shut a nuclear bomb test site. "I really think he wants to do something", the president said.

They walked up the aircarft's steps and went inside before emerging with Kim Dong Chul, Kim Hak Song and Tony Kim.

"We are really excited that he's coming back, safely", dean of Mission University, Seonmook Shin, told CBS2 Wednesday. They later gave the president a round of applause.

Vice President Pence said the USA did not make any concessions to North Korea in order to secure the release of the Americans.

Tensions began to ease earlier this year, coinciding with the North's participation in the Winter Olympics in South Korea in February.

Singapore - nearly 5,000 kilometers (3,000 miles) south of Pyongyang - represents neutral turf for the two leaders.

On Tuesday, Kim and President Xi had met in a northern Chinese port city.

United States service members on the tarmac burst into applause and cheers.

Trump is embarking on the meeting with Kim after announcing on Tuesday the United States was pulling out of a 2015 accord imposing worldwide oversight of Iran's nuclear program.

A series of USA administrations have sent envoys, both official and unofficial, to Pyongyang in the hope of stopping North Korea's provocative nuclear weapons program. The aircraft is parked before a large American flag suspended between two fire trucks. "Trump's comments during the campaign and his focus on burden-sharing I think has not done us any favors in that regard".

After Trump's remarks, the three men boarded a bus for Walter Reed National Military Medical Center, where they are to be evaluated and receive medical treatment before being reunited with their families.

Accompanying the released prisoners was newly minted Secretary of State Pompeo, who had travelled to Pyongyang ahead of the summit to negotiate their release. They were seated with medical personnel, curtained off from reporters accompanying Pompeo on a short visit to Pyongyang.

Shortly after they touched down on American soil in Alaska for a refuelling stop Wednesday afternoon, the State Department released a statement from the freed men.

Earlier in the week, the US President had ruled out meeting Mr Kim at the demilitarised zone which separates North and South Korea.

"I'm the first to say this is positive, the gesture of sending these people home is positive".

It's the most consequential and perhaps riskiest foreign policy effort so far in Trump's presidency as North Korea's nuclear program approaches a treacherous milestone - the capacity to strike the continental USA with a thermonuclear warhead.

Trump took to Twitter to break the news.

Trump's tweet came just hours after three American citizens were brought home from imprisonment in the communist country.

The three men released this week were the last Americans being held in North Korea.

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