Fitbit Adds Female Health Tracking And Quick Replies

Doug Carpenter
May 8, 2018

On the watch, you'll find this information in the Fitbit Today dashboard by swiping up from the home screen.

Here's everything you need to know.

When we reviewed the Fitbit Versa, we told you it was only a so-so smartwatch.

The Fitbit Versa is available for purchase worldwidevia Fitbit's own website, along with retailers in North America such as Best Buy, Amazon, Kohl's, Target, Verizon, and Macy's, among others. The new, smaller Versa addressed the issue with a smaller, more versatile design. The lightest metal smartwatch in the United States, the Versa boasts an extremely thin anodized aluminum case with an angled and slightly tapered design ideal for small or large wrists.

Fitbit shares are down 1.5% to $4.88. At launch, there's a limit of five custom replies per messaging app.

The feature will be available to Android users at some point later this month. For use anywhere that accepts contactless payment, Fitbit Pay now supports more than 60 banks in 15 different countries via American Express, Mastercard, or Visa networks.

Currently, there are no plans to expand this feature to iOS.

The Versa also supports phone-free music - 2.5GB of the watch's 4GB storage is even reserved exclusively for tunes - and even features Pandora and Deezer access. Tracking will be available on-device for the Versa and Ionic, and right within the Fitbit app for everyone. The first Fitbit wearables were originally released in May 2013. Over time, the accumulated data helps create a more personalized approach to staying active, getting more sleep, or keeping organized. The Fitbit Versa and Ionic are two solid fitness watches that ...

Fitbit Ionic or Versa owners will soon get access to two new features that the company is rolling out for these smartwatches.

If you've opted in to this service, you will see a new female health tracking box on the dashboard grid in the app. Tap to answer a few questions about the length of your cycle and last period and start logging. According to Fitbit, this means women will be able to see how their menstrual cycle affects other health indicators like sleep, weight and food intake.

The app will also push general information about menstrual cycles, ovulation, fertility and common misconceptions from the company's blog. The unique accessory line will be available in the second half of 2018. Or program your own responses from the app.

Finally, Fitbit has also announced a slew of new apps and clock faces, with many of them centered around managing conditions like diabetes and some forms of cancer. The list of partners includes excom, Diplomat Pharmacy Inc., Fitabase, Go365, Limeade, One Drop, Sickweather and Walgreens. It is also adding text responses for Android users.

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