Facts About Van Lathan And His Viral Kanye West Moment

Tonya Becker
May 4, 2018

African American approval ratings of President Donald Trump have almost doubled since rapper Kanye West took to Twitter to express his support for the president, according to a Reuters/Ipsos poll.

Rorsted said Thursday that Adidas is against slavery and racism. "I'm not going to comment on every comment that he or somebody else are making". Everyone from Roxane Gay to Chris Brown has been pointing out the foolishness of West's statements, but it was TMZ senior producer Van Lathan who called West out during his controversial interview on Tuesday.

West said that he makes "more money on shoes than Michael Jordan" as well. According to him, "When you hear about slavery for 400 years ... for 400 years?" You know, it's like we're mentally in prison.

In the past I have been a fan of Kanye West, but the latest news about him has left me quite speechless.

"Kanye has bashed Obama for not doing anything for Chicago", the source tells Us.

"Do you feel like I'm thinking free and feeling free?"

These tweets have since been deleted. While I do not agree with Tyrese's choice to post his video or support him as an allege abuser, I will also reiterate again that I do not agree with the statements Kanye made.

As noted, West remains an important part of adidas' strategy. As someone who survived suicide and now battles a chronic mental illness, there was only so much I could find amusing, and this situation walks a thin line between humorous and sad.

Rapper T.I. has defended Kanye West's recent freakish behaviour, insisting the musician is "working through his own personal journey". "They don't want nothing to happen to Ye, they just want to beat some sense into me.' I love Daz, I love the Crips, I love the Bloods, I love everyone".

But the rapper said he admired the real estate mogul's audacity to run - and West himself has indicated, with an unclear level of seriousness, that he plans to seek the White House in 2024. "And we have the right to independent thought".

The Gold Digger rapper has been hitting headlines ever since he returned to Twitter last month (Apr18) and pledged his support for controversial US president Donald Trump.

Shay Shay said she'd like to take the small platform their radio station has and use it to discontinue giving Kanye his platform.

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