Ford 'Feel the View' tactile technology concept

Tonya Becker
May 3, 2018

Ford has unveiled a "smart window" for the visually impaired.

American automaker Ford is developing a new smart auto window to let blind passengers experience the passing landscape. They've done so via a piece of technology they call "Feel The View".

Ford wants to make all journeys memorable for blind passengers, who can not enjoy the scenery that is part of any experience for any trip.

The technology is being developed by Ford's team in Italy, alongside Italian start-up Aedo, which specialises in devices for those with sight problems. Via a button it captures a snapshot of the passing vista, and then converts the picture into a greyscale image. "The technology is advanced, but the concept is simple - from rolling hills to mountain ranges, views make any road trip memorable".

Regardless of their intentions, Feel The View is certainly an impressive piece of technology, and it could do quite a bit of good in the long run.

Each shade of gray on the window vibrates at a different intensity, allowing blind passengers to visualize the landscape through touch.

Vibrations in the window can be used to translate an exterior image to blind passengers in a vehicle.

Working in conjunction with the vibrations, an AI-powered vocal assistant connected to the car's audio system can also give a description of what's being felt, to give a more fleshed out picture.

Ford has not indicated whether or not the tactile "viewing" device will make it into series production, however it does appear to be at a reasonably polished stage of development.

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