Armenia protest leader seeks president's backing to be PM

Glen Norman
May 2, 2018

Armenia's opposition leader and candidate for prime minister Nikol Pashinyan has called on his supporters to come out for a rally on Tuesday morning when the national parliament elects prime minister.

"Our goal is to draw a line under animosity and create an atmosphere of solidarity", Pashinyan said in parliament.

A spokesman for the HKK said the party decided not to nominate its own candidate in order "to avoid confrontation and destabilization of the country".

Opponents said the new system would have allowed Sargsyan to remain Armenia's leader indefinitely.

Nikol Pashinyan, who had been leading anti-governmental protests, believes that "the recent events in the country will further strengthen Armenia's position in the negotiations on the Karabakh conflict settlement".

"People should have genuine possibilities to influence the political situation and political decisions", Pashinyan said on Monday.

Russian Federation has urged compromise while the United States has called for "a resolution that reflects the interests of all Armenians".

On April, Sargsyan resigned amid anti-government protests.

At the rally, Pashinian told supporters to return to Yerevan's central Republic Square at 11 a.m. local time on May 1 in order to monitor the vote in parliament on large screens that will be set up overnight.

He is so far the only person to put himself forward and, as of Sunday, had received the support of all opposition parties in parliament that hold 47 seats of the 105-seat legislature where the Republicans have a majority.

The announcement coincided with the resumption of protests in the capital Yerevan after a two-day moratorium during which demonstrations against the Republican Party and official corruption were held in smaller cities.

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