Facebook Messenger Kids App Gets Sleep Mode Parental Control

Desiree Steele
April 29, 2018

The new feature will allow parents to set designated start and stop times for when the app will go to "sleep".

The app is created to be installed on a child's device, with the parent able to control settings from their own Facebook account. When the app is in Sleep Mode, kids can not send or receive messages or video calls, play with the creative camera or receive notifications. Even if the kid tries to open the app while it in "sleep mode", a message will pop up telling him/her to come back later.

Parents provided feedback to Facebook regarding Messenger Kids that controls to make the app inaccessible during times like dinner or bedtime. The social network giant has released this apps for the children under 13 years of age who also can get together with their little friends and can interact with them using this app. After tapping on the name of the child, you'll need to tap on "Sleep Mode" in the App Controls. This ensures that they don't have to constantly monitor or change app controls, giving them the peace of mind for their children. There is a special control panel available for the Kids app which allows the parents to add and remove contacts to chat with their Children.

This new feature was requested by the parents themselves and is easy to use. Then, you can set the times that you want your child to not have access to the device.

Facebook and its CEO Mark Zuckerberg have been under the radar ever since the social network's disclosure that 87 million of its users' information was wrongly shared with Cambridge Analytica, a political targeting firm.

Not too long ago, Facebook launched a kids version of its mega popular Messenger app. Messenger Kids application is absolutely for free and you can download the app for both, iOS and Android platform for free.

Parents are able to access all controls of Messenger Kids via the main Facebook app. More parental controls in apps focused on kids are always a good thing, so this Sleep Mode is a welcome addition to Messenger Kids.

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