Danish inventor Peter Madsen jailed for life for Kim Wall's murder

Glen Norman
April 25, 2018

Madsen had said he dismembered her many hours later. Finally, after her decapitated head was found by police divers in a weighted-down bag along with her appendages and the skull showed no signs of fracture, he said she had been asphyxiated in a malfunction aboard the submarine.

Prosecutor Jakob Buch-Jepsen claimed Wall's murder was sexually motivated and premeditated because Madsen brought along tools he normally didn't take when sailing, including a saw and sharpened screwdrivers.

She had gone missing after accepting Madsen's invitation for a short voyage on his home-made submarine.

The case has gripped Denmark ever since Wall failed to return from a trip on Madsen's self-built Nautilus submarine on August 10.

He also initially denied dismembering her, then confessed that he had done so and said he'd thrown her body parts into the Baltic Sea.

He has admitted dismembering her body and tossing the parts into the sea - all of which were recovered - but denies killing Wall.

Wall, a promising 30-year-old journalist, was last seen boarding Madsen's submarine in Copenhagen on August 10 last year when she had planned to interview him for an upcoming article.

Whereas arguing that Madsen shouldn't be insane, Buch-Jepsen quoted a court-ordered psychiatric report that described him as "emotionally impaired with extreme lack of empathy, anger and guilt" and having "psychopathic tendencies".

But Madsen, who changed his version of events several times, told the court she died when the air pressure suddenly dropped and toxic fumes filled his vessel as he was up on deck.

But he later calmly explained that he dismembered her in order to be able to lift the body out through the vessel's narrow hatch.

Madsen, 47, is charged with murder, dismemberment and indecent handling of a corpse over the death of Kim Wall. Her boyfriend told the court that she was "incredibly ambitious" and "amazingly curious".

"He had fresh scratches on both forearms and dried blood under his left nostril".

"Peter Madsen poses such a significant and immediate danger to other people's life, body, health or freedom that the use of custody may be required to prevent this danger", added the country's leading medical authority, Retslægerådet.

The court was shown some content found on Madsen's laptop, including downloaded animated and so-called snuff films of women being impaled, hanged and beheaded on his laptop.

Madsen's defence lawyer, Bettina Hale Engmark, has capitalised on the prosecution's inability to determine exactly how Ms Wall died.

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