Sega Announces Sega Genesis Mini

Doug Carpenter
April 18, 2018

The other classic titles that will be going to the console first are Phantasy Star, Alex Kidd in Miracle World, Thunder Force IV and Ground Gain.

To celebrate, Sega has announced the Genesis Mini - effectively its own take of Nintendo's miniaturized classic consoles, which will come with an as-yet unconfirmed selection of games preloaded into its memory. The arcade original was quite unique at the time, and thankfully it's that version that we're getting as part of the Sega AGES line - and not the decidedly-average-in-comparison Mega Drive port.

Sega says that the games will incorporate "new features", but doesn't go into any other additional detail.

Last year, AT Games, a business partner of Sega's and longtime manufacturer of Sega retro consoles announced its Sega Genesis Flashback.

The bundle of games that are expected to be included in the console might be the same list that will be in the Sega Mega Drive Classics which will find its way in PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

The news was announced during the SEGA Fes 18 event in Japan and, although the exact release dates and prices were held back, you can expect them to be available in North American and Europe this summer. "MegaDrive Mini" (provisional name) made a decision to be released in 2018! The Register would be more than happy to be surprised by an entirely new and fresh console, however.

Overall, SEGA Ages looks similar to SEGA Genesis Classic that was accidently leaked in the month of February. Since exiting the games industry as a hardware producer almost 20 years ago, Sega has long relied on stoking the flames of nostalgia to both please its longtime fans and line its coffers. M2 was the studio behind a wide range of "3D Classics" releases on the Nintendo 3DS, so it definitely has a lot of experience working on Sega's classic games.

Hopefully the Sega Mega Drive Mini will be similarly priced, if not cheaper, to compete with Nintendo's offerings.

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