Facebook makes privacy settings easier by upgrading their bookmark menu

Glen Norman
April 16, 2018

He said users should think twice before giving apps access to their Facebook accounts.

Do see where I'm going with this?

Advocates and lawmakers say they are singling out Facebook because of its size, rivaled outside China only by Alphabet Inc's Google, and because they allege Zuckerberg was not forthcoming about the extent and reasons for the tracking. Mr Cole said the EU's General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), which takes effect in May, will solve some of the problems the Facebook situation revealed.

A lot has been written about Facebook over recent weeks, with the coverage reaching a crescendo early this week following Mark Zuckerberg's ten hours of congressional testimony.

"So those apps are way more risky than people think". Maybe more than I should.

"There have been reports that Facebook can track a user's internet browsing activity even after that user has logged off of the Facebook platform", Sen.

The for-profit social media giant Facebook harvests vast amounts of data from each of its 2 billion users across the globe. "The limits of your right to privacy and how much you give away in modern America in the name of 'connecting people around the world'".

I'm sure I've shared more things than I could remember. Next thing you know you're seeing ads for restaurants and cat toys.

"Coming out of the Cambridge Analytica scandal as it were, I don't think it is as sinister as the media and the congress and the senate in the USA are portraying it to be". "The way to think about it is if you are not paying for something, you are the product".

"Congressman, this is a complex issue that I think deserves more than a one-word answer", Zuckerberg replied. Just like everything else concerning Facebook, he presented this as an idealistic initiative; but questions about children form an alarming component of the broader debate on privacy and data collection.

Elsewhere, a prominent Democratic digital ad consultant notes that Facebook hasn't reached out directly to communicate any of the changes it's making - whether by phone, email or Facebook - despite the fact he spent more than $1 million on Facebook ads a year ago. How are we protecting our data?

In other words, Facebook uses data provided by users to help advertisers target them based on location, interests, age and shopping habits.

"Because right now, we are only a couple of years past when Cambridge Analytica created those models, the profiles and models they have are likely useful for the next, in my rough estimation and experience, three to five years", he said. Facebook brags to advertisers that it can provide "cross device" targeting, as it is called. Instead, third parties are simply asking for - and often receiving - people's data through Facebook enabled apps. This can including basic info such as a user's profile picture and email address, or more invasive data such as relationship status or a list of friends.

The company said this month it has begun testing ways to improve digital political ads with a small group of advertisers, and will roll out the best ideas this spring. It calculated the maximum number of friends that users could have had while the personality quiz app built by Cambridge Analytica was collecting data.

Since Turkey's 2016 military coup, President Recep Tayyip Erdogan's government has imprisoned thousands of critics, all but eliminated independent media and censored a great deal of content on the Internet. If everything on Facebook only functioned with an informed "opt in" from users, the company's business doesn't work.

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