You Can Now Combine Hulu and Spotify on a Single $12.99 Account

Tonya Becker
April 12, 2018

Later this summer, the bundled subscription will become available to all of Spotify's 157 million users as well as any other potential newcomers to the two services.

On Tuesday, Spotify said that subscribers to its Premium music-streaming service will be able to bundle it with Hulu's limited-commercial TV plan for $12.99 a month. Separately, Spotify's Premium tier alone costs $9.99 a month, while Hulu's Limited Commercials plan requires monthly payments of $7.99. A monthly subscription costs $9.99, but it varies by country.

Existing Spotify Premium subscribers can take advantage of a special introductory offer by upgrading their existing Premium plan to Spotify Premium, now with Hulu. Spotify Premium now costs $10 per month, while Hulu with limited commercials costs $8 per month.

The offer is open to both new and existing users of Spotify, you just need to log in to the PlayStation 4 app and enter your details. When you subscribe to this deal, you'll get Spotify Premium and traditional, video-on-demand, Hulu (with ads). Now you'll have the option to pay $12.99 per month for both.

Hulu's senior VP Tim Connolly agrees that the services Hulu offers dovetail nicely with Spotify. With 71 million paying subscribers, Spotify is larger than competitors Apple Music and Tidal.

Streaming services like Hulu fight for their portion of the subscriber dollar.

Bundling the services makes economic sense for Hulu and Spotify, as the deal is only available to those who get billed through the package, saving Hulu and Spotify money by cutting out third party billing agencies.

Spotify said the student offer was "incredibly well received".

'This is just one example of how we can add value to our premium members day after day'.

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