PM Modi, Amit Shah step in as Dalit revolt spooks BJP

Glen Norman
April 9, 2018

Addressing BJP MPs on the party's foundation day, Mr Modi kept the Congress in his line of fire and accused it of taking parliamentary proceedings "to a new low". The Opposition has been left with no issues and that is why it was resorting to disrupting Parliament, he said, asking BJP MPs to expose such parties.

His remarks at an interaction with party leaders on its 38th foundation day came against the backdrop of violent protests during a "Bharat bandh" this week, which had left at least 11 people dead.

He said the Congress had been continuously highlighting the plight of these weaker sections, but the "hypocrite BJP leadership seems to be busy playing with fire by deliberately dividing society". By not even keeping up a single promise he had made to AP since BJP was never a force in AP nor a significant factor in AP, Modi seems to have ignored the genuine demands of AP. It has risen due to its work for the nation's development.

Without losing their patience and decorum, they should redouble their efforts to build a "New India" by 2022, he said. "In four years of rule, the BJP has worked tirelessly for the welfare of Dalits, underprivileged, illiterates", he said.

"In the era of social media and communication, if we remain inactive, those anti-national, anti-social, selfish, wrong-doers will occupy that space".

The Congress leader also slammed the Prime Minister's advice to BJP MPs to stay at the houses of Dalits in villages, saying Modi should, instead, first call his Dalit MPs and other representatives of the Dalits to his house and provide them answers on rising atrocities against Dalits. Both the BJP and the Congress have made a decision to go on a fast accusing each other of dragging politics and parliamentary proceedings to a new a low. "What is happening on International Border and LoC and the serious turn which the situation has taken in Kashmir is self-explanatory of where we stand at this moment", he observed.

People can now see where those are who practised this untouchability and those who were its victims, he said in a reference to the party's rise and the fall of socialist parties and the Congress.

The Prime Minister reiterated that the party aims to ensure that the person sitting on the bottom of the pyramid is connected to BJP. And he followed up this scathing and very effective, largely because it is true, political attack by declaring that the countdown to the Lok Sabha election had begun.

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