Eagle lands on Mariners' James Paxton before game

Dean Simpson
April 7, 2018

With the eagle taking up residence on his shoulder, Paxton remained as calm as can possibly be expected from someone who is being accosted by a random eagle. The eagle, representative of the nation and its beloved pastime, likely knew that Paxton is Canadian. The Twins caught a break in opening the year against the Orioles and the Pirates. After the brief flyby and a stare-down, the eagle took flight once more and mixed up Paxton for an actual tree. At first, Paxton moved his body to get out of the way of the big bird and it landed on the grass. When it first started flying toward my face, I ducked it.

Maybe the little guy was just looking for some of those Cracker Jacks everyone's always singing about; maybe he was trying to show a Canadian how majestic America's national bird could be.

Thursday afternoon, the Twins and Mariners will meet on the diamond before a sold-out crowd which should have plenty to do despite the chill. "But then as I stood straight up, it fell back onto the ground". He said he did feel a "sharp pain", but there were no scratches.

Both teams had a good time reliving the moment. Twins closer Fernando Rodney joked about using one of the imaginary arrows he shoots into the air after converting a save to try to bring down the bird.

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