Gender pay gap reporting is a game changer, says Fawcett Society

Glen Norman
April 5, 2018

The company employs more than 6,000 workers in the UK and operates in three segments - Apple (UK) Ltd, Apple Europe Ltd and Apple Retail UK Ltd.

There are a vast majority of businesses which pay men more than women, a trend followed in most sectors of the economy and within both public and private sector employees.

The Equality and Human Rights Commission (EHRC), whose job it is to impose sanctions on non-complying firms, said it will write to employers who have not submitted their figures on April 9, giving them 28 days to do so "before an investigation takes place and an unlawful act notice is issued".

The managed hosting provider has a baseline mean gender pay gap of 0 per cent.

"Finally women are realising that they have a right to talk about pay and they can not be silenced", he said.

But Andrew Bazely, policy and insight manager at the Fawcett Society, a UK-based women's rights campaigning group, believes the statistic has value. This will give an idea of how much women are paid per hour and how much the percentage differs.

Equal pay, the idea that people who do the same job should be paid the same amount, has been legally enforced in the United Kingdom since 1970.

NHS England has set out a strategy to reduce its gender pay gap, after identifying that men occupy a disproportionate number of senior roles.

"Employers must address the root causes of inequality, from reducing bias and increasing transparency in recruitment, appraisal and promotion processes to normalising flexible working, for men and women, and offer financially viable parental leave packages", she said. While 50 per cent of their lowest paid staff are women, just 22 per cent of their highest paid staff are.

Jack Sealy, which supplies air and power tools, also had a negative gap - its mean average showed women were paid 2% more, though its median favoured men by 3.9%.

Tracy Bullock, chief executive of Mid Cheshire Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust, told board meeting directors there will be "disparity" between pay for men and women employed by the trust due to the number of women in lower-paid nursing roles.

Some of the biggest investment banks in the City have also revealed major pay gaps between men and women working for their organisations.

"The most important thing to come out of this is the conversation that this will provoke", Bazely said.

Lewes District Council has revealed its gender pay gap today (Wednesday, April 4).

No official measures for companies that register a high pay gap have been announced.

Research conducted by Business in the Community found 92% of female respondents would use gender pay gap data to choose between two potential employers.

Vertical segregation (otherwise known as the "glass ceiling") is what most people think of when they think of the gender pay gap, and it describes the way senior positions tend to be dominated by men.

Councillor Elayne Merry, Cabinet Portfolio Holder for People and Performance at Lewes District Council, said, "In the year that we mark 100 years since the Representation of the People Act, we welcome this news, but we are not complacent".

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