Blac Chyna gets into a fight at an amusement park

Tonya Becker
April 4, 2018

Rob - who is Dream's father - has become increasingly concerned by the behavior of his ex over recent months and is said to have watched a video clip of the incident at Six Flags in horror, according to TMZ. Both Dream and her 5-year-old son King were moved well away from the situation by a nanny.

In addition to Kardashian's reported safety concerns for Dream, the outlet also said he was upset about his former partner bringing new men into their daughter's life, including Blac Chyna's latest flame, 18-year-old YBN Almighty Jay.

He's also anxious that Chyna is bringing new men like eighteen-year-old boyfriend YBN Almighty Jay to her home while Dream is there.

Blac Chyna shows off her best assets in her sexiest selfies. So, it looks like Chyna's Six Flags fiasco might cost her. "The family's just relieved Rob isn't involved with her anymore".

There have been a lot of reports circulating around what caused Rob Kardashian's baby momma to hulk out at Six Flags Magic Mountain on Easter Sunday.

This is some real hood rat stuff!

"S$3 ooo I was having a good little time and I see black chyna's handsome baby right?" she wrote.

In the beginning, you see someone get into Chyna's face. "A woman with the pink shoes tried grabbing [Chyna's] baby's hand and Chyna told her, "Don't be grabbing on my baby" and walked off".

"So y'all know me".

Meanwhile, Kardashian also has issues about money he's paying her.

"So when she rolled the baby towards me I'm like "awww hi little baby you're so cute" and I rub her little hand".

"But I mean I had a blast", she confessed with a shrug emoji.

Onlookers snapped videos from the incident and uploaded them to social media on Sunday.

The theme park altercation wasn't enough to ruin Blac's fun day out with her kids though.

"I personally feel like I didn't do s- wrong tho b- you not about to disrespect me because your black chyna I could give one less F-", she wrote.

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