Fortnite Blitz Launches On PS4 And Here's How To Play

Delia Walker
March 20, 2018

You have to patiently wait for Epic Games or another owner of the game to send you an invite in order to partake in the multiplayer fun, but even this didn't stop the game from becoming a viral phenomenon that could only be compared with Pokemon Go in more recent times. Fortnite is definitely is going to be at the top of the charts for a while, though. A few days ago, Epic Games released the mobile version of this popular video game, and even though it's only available on iOS and to a limited group of players, it's already gained a huge success on the mobile platform [VIDEO] as well. We think that there's no reason mobile games can't be the same experiences you have on consoles or PC, so with Fortnite Battle Royale, what you get on other platforms is exactly what you get on the go.

When is Fortnite mobile coming out on Android?

Many Fortnite players are starting to receive invites for the new iOS version of Fortnite but so far the mobile game isn't available to Android users. All the features are there and you'll get the same map and same updates. Mobile players have the ability to play with friends on console or PC, or can stick with the audience playing on mobile devices. This is to make it easier to play without the need for headphones so player movement will be marked by a white arc, gunfire by red and any nearby chests will be highlighted indicators. While playing on a touchscreen isn't bad, it still doesn't compare to a controller or a mouse and keyboard. So long physical buttons and hello on-screen controls. This can take some getting used to. Items are automatically added to your inventory when you run over them, including guns. You have to be using iOS 11 on iPhone 6S/SE, iPad Mini 4, iPad Air 2, iPad 2017, iPad Pro devices or later. This battle royale game has attracted more than 45 million players since September 2017, and the player base is expected to keep growing. You have to relearn an entirely new way of playing on a touchscreen.

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