Moscow not committed to possible anti-Iran sanctions: envoy

Sean Reid
March 19, 2018

Trump, who calls the Obama administration's signature foreign policy achievement the worst deal ever negotiated, has vowed to walk away from the 2015 agreement in mid-May unless Britain, Germany and France join the U.S. in addressing what the President says are its fatal flaws. So we were not really thinking the same.

Foreign governments are already unsure who is shaping American policy, whom they should contact with questions and requests, and how to handle Trump's often unpredictable, go-it-alone approach to world affairs.

For its part, Associated Press reported that European Union foreign ministers, who will discuss the issue Monday in Brussels, are expected to affirm that they believe the deal with Iran is good, and work to discourage Trump from pulling out of the deal.

Well, if the U.S. withdraws from the deal then it will effectively end any trade deals between Iran and U.S. companies or companies that also want access to the American financial sector, be it customers or banking.

Iran's Foreign Ministry spokesman Bahram Qassemi said that "such replacements in the US establishment are not surprising".

Considering that the nuclear deal has failed in its objectives to stop Iran from gaining nuclear weapons, and has rather allowed Iran to continue with other malign activities too, this would be the best scenario. "Conversely, it has virtually guaranteed that Iran will have the freedom to build an arsenal of nuclear weapons at the end of the commitment". But other sanctions for things like human rights violations are still in place. However, when he waived the sanctions in January, he said it would be the last time he did so unless the nuclear deal was somehow fixed, although how specifically that was supposed to be accomplished was unclear.

During President Barack Obama's term, Iranian officials had been vocal about their disappointment with the USA government's lack of diplomatic assurance to global partners about the longevity and permanence of the nuclear deal.

As a congressman, Pompeo vociferously denounced the accord when it was struck.

His stance and position with Trump could give Pompeo leverage with the Europeans that Tillerson never enjoyed.

Under the JCPOA, Iran halted some of its peaceful nuclear activities in exchange for the removal of nuclear-related global sanctions.

Mr Kimball suggested it would be foolhardy to pull the plug on the Iran deal in the same month that he was likely to ask the North Koreans to sign up to a similar arrangement. The Trump administration hit the ground running, re-imposing sanctions against Iran in its first weeks in office and also instating restrictions against those who are complicit with Tehran.

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has intensively lobbied Trump against the nuclear pact, which he sees as merely delaying Tehran's ability to produce a nuclear warhead.

Analysts agree that should some Sunni Arab countries team up with Israel against Iran, Iran would not limit itself to responding with missiles.

"Now you have the appointment of someone who has made it an article of faith that the Iran deal is a bad deal that needs to be ripped up", said Robert Malley, president of the International Crisis Group who helped broker the Iran negotiations under the Obama administration.

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