North Korea's Kim Jong-un Wants Peace With US

Glen Norman
March 13, 2018

U.S. President Donald Trump and North Korean leader Kim Jong Un are supposed to meet by May.

Participants at the NCCK conference issued a communiqué, Cultivating Peace, Proclaiming Hope, in which they expressed their fervent hope "that the momentum for peace will continue despite the undoubted difficulties and complexities lying ahead".

Trump agreed to meet Kim Jong Un by the end of May and the two Koreas will hold a summit by the end of April. So why talks now?

North Korean leader Kim Jong Un is "in the driver's seat at the moment", Wendy Sherman the former chief U.S. nuclear negotiator with Iran who also advised President Bill Clinton on North Korea told CNN. The director had just returned from a meeting in Pyongyang with Kim.

Asked if the North Korean silence meant there was a chance the meeting between Trump and Kim would not take place, White House spokeswoman Sarah Sanders said: "We fully expect that it will". The Trump-Kim summit is supposed to take place by May.

Moon and Kim are expected to talk about a proposal for restarting communications between the North and South Korean militaries.

"We look forward to the smooth [talks between the two Koreas] and dialogue between North Korea and the U.S.", Xi was quoted as saying. North Korea's ties with China have become increasingly strained due to Kim's continued pursuit of nuclear weapons and long-range ballistic missiles in defiance of China's wishes and its support for stricter sanctions on North Korea.

Experts suggest North Korea could offer to stop developing intercontinental ballistic missiles (ICBM). "The United States has made zero concessions but North Korea has made some promises".

No. There is no date and no location as yet. "He can start by nominating a qualified candidate for the position of US ambassador to the ROK [Republic of Korea]". North Korea has also not yet formally responded to the announcement of talks last week.

The talks took place as representatives of Korean churches were meeting with global partners in a conference in Seoul organised by the NCCK to mark the the 30th anniversary of the NCCK 1988 Declaration of the Churches of Korea on National Reunification and Peace.

It's not unusual for the North Korean media to take their time in getting out the news.

"He has dealt with North Korea's nuclear program under the Obama administration and is one of those who understand North Korea well", he said. He now serves as an analyst in charge of intelligence and reconnaissance on North Korea at US Forces Korea in Seoul.

"So look, I know it's easy to presume the worst because Trump is basically a nuclear knowledge free zone, but what if he gets it right anyway?" The follow up visit of the high-level delegation from Seoul to Pyongyang for talks with the North Korean leader was certainly another vital link in the chain of events that finally culminated in the broad agreement to hold a summit between President Trump and Kim Jong-un.

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