Nun In Legal Battle With Katy Perry Over Property Dies In Court

Tonya Becker
March 11, 2018

A few hours before her death Sister Catherine spoke to Fox 7 News in which she urged Katy to fall back on the legal battle. Katy Perry wants it and she has no concern for the bad path of destruction she is creating to get it.

Sister Holzman was in court for a post-judgment hearing Friday when she died.

Nuns comprising the Sisters of the Immaculate Heart claim to be the rightful sellers of a convent in Los Feliz that happens to be a valuable real estate asset.

She was one of two nuns locked in a legal battle with Perry and the Los Angeles Archdiocese over a former convent in the city. "We extend our prayers today to the Immaculate Heart of Mary community and to all her friends and loved ones", a statement from the archdiocese read. That order of nuns owned a large hilltop property that used to be a convent.

The pair were trying to sell a convent in the Los Feliz neighbourhood of LA to a restaurateur named Dana Hollister. They wanted to sell the property to local businesswoman Dana Hollister who had plans to turn it into a boutique hotel. "It's not doing anyone any good except hurting a lot of people", according to the gossip site. She was subsequently ordered to pay $15 million in damages to Perry's legal team and the Archdiocese of Los Angeles. "She had nothing to do with forcing herself on us", says Holzman.

The nuns fear that because Perry's $14.5 million offer was made to the archdiocese - without the nuns being involved - they would never receive any money from the sale, Billboard reported in 2015.

Perry reportedly visited the nuns to win them over, and is said to have shown them her tattoo of Jesus and sung a hymn for them.

"Katy Perry represents everything we don't believe in", Holzman told Billboard.

While walking into court on Friday, Holzman was interviewed by Fox 11 and said "To Katy Perry, please stop".

It is unclear if the case will continue now that the Sister has passed away.

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