Charlize Theron's mom is her weed supplier

Tonya Becker
March 10, 2018

"I'm always willing to try anything". "You can't have her, she's all mine", she told the audience.

In an interview with "Jimmy Kimmel Live!", Theron revealed that she started using marijuana again to help her insomnia, something her mom also struggles with. So maybe Theron's trying to convince real-life stoners that her performance in the movie is grounded in real-life cannabis experience. "She was like, 'So I got some blueberry-covered chocolate, ones but if you want it faster acting you should go for the mints'". While they do take sleep medication, Charlize suggested they try a strain to get a more restful night's sleep. "Last week she showed up at my house, literally drove in her little tennis outfit and brought me a little container and just left it on my kitchen table".

Charlize Theron with her mother Gerda at the 78th annual Academy Awards nominees luncheon in Beverly Hills February 13, 2006.

If you aren't familiar with Gringo, directed by Nash Edgerton, the film is scripted by Anthony Tambakis and Matthew Stone and stars David Oyelowo as a mild-mannered American businessman facing crushing debt who ventures to Mexico to hand-deliver a formula for a revolutionary new weed pill.

For Christmas, my mom got me a nice bathrobe and a book, and for my birthday she got me a Hallmark card with a very wonderful message in it that made me cry a little bit.

With brother Joel Edgerton on board as one of the co-leads, Richard Rusk - alongside Charlize Theron as his co-conspirator Elaine Markinson and David Oyelowo as the trusty but naive, Harold Soyinka what you have here is a south-of-the-border caper with blood, guns and medical marijuana.

"It totally works, it's incredible", she said, adding, "You can't have [my mom], she's all mine".

"I found myself frozen in front of my fridge for like eight hours".

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