Two-year-old boy locks parent's iPhone for 47 years

Doug Carpenter
March 8, 2018

In a case in China, a mother is furious after her toddler managed to lock her iPhone for 47 years. Unfortunately, she discovered later that he had entered the incorrect passcode so many times that her phone was locked down for 25 million minutes, or the equivalent of more than 47 years.

Representative ImageThe exasperated woman took to Mumsnet to share her experience about her darling son who was allowed to use the phone to watch "educational videos".

Others said she should have backed up the data stored on her phone elsewhere so that if something went wrong she could easily retrieve it. Representative ImageAs reported by Metro, the woman made jest of the weird situation and talked about how she would have grandkids by the time her phone unlocked.

A phone technician at an Apple store in Shanghai was quoted as saying that the woman could either wait years to try to input her passcode again or wipe the contents of the handset clean and then reinstall files.

The customer, who was only identified by her family name Lu, has waited for two months but has seen no sign of the problem rectifying itself, the report said.

Being a true Apple fangirl, the mother did not blame the phone for its novel security methods, or accept any responsibily herself.

"There is no way to solve it unless she resets the system", he said.

Wei told the website that there have been cases where iPhones were disabled for 80 years in the same manner. However, despite their expertise in handling gadgets, kids do end up doing unusual things to your phones, like change your ringtone, delete your pictures or even basic apps from the phone.

As a matter of fact, this unfortunate incident could happen to any Apple device.

If you've kept a backup, the phone will be restored as it was before the locking incident.

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