Iran's Zarif calls on European Union to play constructive role on nuclear deal

Glen Norman
March 8, 2018

After receiving the minister of Foreign Relations of France, Jean-Yves Le Drian, Rouhani revealed the Persian country has alternatives in case of unfavorable consequences.

Iranian President Hassan Rouhani says the Israeli regime is in no position to call Iran a threat to the Middle East, stressing the development of the country's missile program is aimed at safeguarding peace and security.

In response to Iranian claims that their ballistic missile program is peaceful, Le Drian said: "Having such tools is not uniquely defensive, given the distance they can reach".

He further underlined that Iran will never bow to pressure or language of force, although the U.S. is seeking limitations on the country's defense power.

In exchange, United Nations sanctions were lifted, allowing Iran to resume trading oil and gas on the worldwide market.

Trump had also vowed to stop issuing waivers on United States sanctions, while threatening to end the deal if changes are not made.

Still, Le Drian told The Times of Israel he is not "an emissary of Trump", and "there's still a lot of work to do on Iran's missile program".

Iran has insisted all parties must first adhere to the current agreement before it would consider talking about other issues outside of the nuclear pact.

Velayati said on Tuesday "the French foreign minister visited Tehran upon an invitation from his Iranian counterpart".

Iran has dismissed Le Drian's legitimate concerns, with Gen. Masoud Jazayeri, a spokesman for Iran's armed forces, saying that foreigners had no right to express a view on Iran's defence.

Iran's defense program is not the business of any country including France, a senior adviser to Iran's Supreme Leader said here on Saturday.

He stressed that all Iranian parties agree on the continuation of missile capabilities, noting that "some disagreements among the political groups do not prevent defending the national interests; and the defense and missile capabilities is one of them".

In a separate statement, Le Drian called upon the worldwide community to take action to prevent Iranian missiles from becoming a threat to "all regional actors".

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